“Face The Fire” – Joint Charity Firewalk 2023!

Written by Lucy Hill

On the crisp evening of Friday, November 17th, Stoke Park witnessed an extraordinary display of courage and camaraderie as Challengers hosted a Joint Charity Firewalk. This thrilling event brought together volunteer Fire Walkers who fearlessly traversed 6ft of scorching hot coals, all in the name of raising vital funds for Challengers and joint charity collaborator Cherry Trees.

Firewalking, a practice steeped in history and symbolic of courage and faith, took centre stage as participants walked barefoot over a bed of hot embers measuring a blazing 800 degrees.

Food vans stationed themselves in front of the Challengers building where the crowd enjoyed delicious coffees, hot chocolates, burgers, and chips.

With 15 participants representing Challengers, anticipation was in the air as safety briefings were conducted. Standing on the wet grass, participants listened to a pep talk before facing the fiery challenge.


Walking across the burning coals, described as similar to walking on hot sand, was a testament to each participant’s courage and determination.

The event concluded on a high note with participants, friends, and family engaging in the festive spirit. Christmas cards, Challengers merchandise, and tickets for the raffle and the “guess the marshmallows” game added a joyous touch to the evening.

The collective efforts of participants, supporters, and the community resulted in an astounding fundraising total of over £4,625.46. This financial support ensures that Challengers can continue its vital work, providing opportunities for disabled children to experience joy, friendship, and new activities.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who contributed to the success of the Firewalk, especially Time4Change for providing a safe fiery experience, and Cherry Trees for partnering with us at this event.

Thank you for making the Firewalk an unforgettable roaring success.