What we do

What we do

Play for everyone

What we do -At Challengers, we break down the barriers to play and make it possible for every disabled child or young people to play and have fun, without limits.  

We support children and young people aged 2 – 18 at our range of services, located across the South East of England.

You can help to remove the barriers to play today!

Our Vision

A world where all children and young
people can play together, freely.

What we do
what we do

Our Mission

To provide truly inclusive, fun and safe places where all disabled children and young people can spend time with their friends, and to offer a positive impact for families and the wider community.

There are lots of different
volunteering opportunities
at Challengers – from working with children or in our office, to helping out at our events!

What we do

There’s nothing more rewarding
then seeing a child laugh and smile,
and feel happy. I’m so glad that I volunteered for Challengers.

Challengers Volunteer

Why play?

Aside from being fun, play is essential for a child’s cognitive, physical, social, and mental wellbeing and development.

Through play, children learn to build confidence, self-esteem, creativity, and how to interact with others.

Sadly too many disabled young people miss out on play every day. There are many barriers stopping disabled children from playing – from physical impairments and a lack of accessible play facilities, to a time, money and support.

what we do

That’s where Challengers comes in…we remove these barriers by providing truly inclusive play and leisure that everyone can enjoy and join in with, no matter how complex their needs are.

Young people can come to our Pre-school, Play and Youth schemes and experience the same fun and friendship as their non-disabled peers, with activities adapted to suit their unique individual needs. We have been passionate champions of inclusion since the charity was established in 1979, and more than 40 years on, Challengers has grown to provide smiles and laughter to thousands of disabled children and young people

What we do
Children learn best through play!

The difference we make

For many families with disabled children, Challengers is a lifeline that they simply wouldn’t be able to cope without.

Parents can use our Play and Youth schemes to gain respite from the demands of their care responsibilities. They can relax and enjoy time away from their child, knowing that they are safely cared for by trained staff and having a great time with their friends.

Having regular access to short breaks services, like Challengers, helps to keep families strong and together. It’s vitally important for the whole family, not just the young person who attends.

Here’s what our parents think:

My sons really love coming to Challengers. It’s a place where they can be themselves and play freely with no judgement. It really has been a lifeline and gives me much needed respite from caring.

My daughter absolutely adores Challengers and I feel completely secure in the knowledge that she’s safe, well cared for, and having a great time. It gives her the independence that she needs and deserves.

My son is excited for weeks beforehand, just counting down the days until he can go to Challengers. He feels loved and valued the minute he walks through the door, and knows he’s going to have the best day.

How started

Back in the 1970s, there was very little on offer for disabled children. They were isolated, excluded, and had nowhere to go and have fun. But thanks to our founders Colin Hassell and Dr Helen Foley MBE, that all changed when they created Challengers in 1979….

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