How to book

how to book

Simple steps to get started:

Please read more on these steps below and what you need to do at each stage:

  1. Registration: let us know you are interested by completing a registration form
  1. First visit: when we have an available space we will contact you and let you know 
  1. Booking: we will advise when you are able to book and when the booking window is open

Please note: Places at the following schemes are currently at capacity and we have no availability for first visits: Farnham Play, Guildford Play and Guildford Youth. We are still accepting new registrations for these schemes, but children will be added to a waiting list and we will only be able to offer a first visit when more places become available.


Firstly, you will need to register by using our online form:

Once you have completed the registration form, a member of our team will validate your account and send you log in details to our Booking website. We aim to process registrations and get in contact with you within 48 hours, however it might take a little longer during busy periods. 

When you have your log in details you will need to add your child to your online account. It’s really easy to do this – simply log in using the details we’ve sent you, click the ‘Add a child’ button, and fill in the information required. 

After you’ve completed this step, we will get in contact with you to advise when you can book your first visit.

Your first visit

Please note in some areas due to demand it may take a while before a first visit becomes available. Unfortunately we cannot give a timeframe for this as it varies by scheme.

A first visit is a free, one hour opportunity for you and your child to see the Play or Youth scheme you’d like to attend, meet some of our friendly staff, and get a feel for what Challengers is all about – you must have a first visit prior to booking and attending any of our schemes.

This visit is your opportunity to tell us about any specific needs your child has, such as their medical and dietary requirements, whether they need help using the toilet, and their likes and dislikes so we can put the necessary staffing and training requirements in place to make their time at Challengers as fun and safe as possible.

how to book

Making a booking

Our Booking website is really easy to use – simply select the child you want to make a booking for, select the Play or Youth scheme you want to attend, and then navigate through the calendar to view upcoming sessions. 

We take booking requests a few months ahead of the term or holiday period. Booking windows are open for a week to allow enough time for parents to give availability for the sessions they would like to book. 

These are the following parent booking request windows, where parents will need to login to the booking website and provide their availability: 

TermDates to give availability
Spring Term 2024Monday 6th – Monday 13th November
Easter Holidays 2024Monday 19th – Monday 26th February
Summer Term 2024Monday 11th – Monday 18th March
Summer Holidays 2024Monday 3rd – Monday 10th June
Autumn Term 2024Monday 1st – Monday 8th July
Spring Term 2025Monday 4th – Monday 11th November

In order for our team to allocate bookings as fairly as possible across families, our bookings are NOT first come first served. Instead, you must add yourself to the waiting list for sessions you would like to attend. The calendar is colour co-ordinated to make it easy to understand: 

  • Green = Available to add yourself to the waiting list
  • Orange = You’re booked in and will be at Challengers that day
  • Blue = You’re on the waiting list for this session and we’ll call you if a space becomes available

To request a session during booking selection week, click on a session in green and select ‘Book onto Waiting List’. Do this for any sessions you’re interested in booking and then logout. 

Our Bookings team will then review your availability and allocate sessions as fairly as possible within a week or two. You will receive an email when this is done inviting you to check the sessions you’ve been allocated and confirm them via the booking website.

Please note: Your sessions are NOT confirmed until you log back in to your account, and click ‘Confirm’ and pay for your sessions.

If you forget what sessions you’ve booked, or you need to change or cancel your sessions, you can click ‘My Bookings’ at the top of the page where you’ll be presented with a summary of all your bookings.

Want to learn more about us before you register?