Challengers Carol Concert 2023!

Written by Lucy Hill

On the evening of Friday, December 8th, St Andrews Church in Farnham became a haven of warmth and music as it opened its doors to host Challengers’ inclusive carol concert. The air was filled with the spirit of Christmas, and the event aimed to be a joyous and inclusive experience for all families.

The renowned Rock Choir graced the stage once again, filling the air with the harmonious melodies of our favourite Christmas songs. Joining them was Challengers’ very own Paul Wilson, whose musical talents and festive spirit added a unique touch to the evening. We even had a couple of young attendees having a little boogie in the aisles!


The intermission provided an opportunity for participants to engage with the festive spirit. Challengers merchandise, Christmas cards, raffle tickets, and tickets for the teddy tombola were available for purchase. We had an abundance of Mince Pies and the Mulled Wine and Mulled Apple Juice was incredibly popular which meant we had to make a quick run for more due to the high demand!

The support from the community ensured that the festive joy extended beyond the music, contributing to the success of the event.

Challengers’ Carol Concert is a beloved annual tradition, and this year was no exception. Laughter, music, and the shared joy of the season filled the air as families and supporters came together. Beyond the merriment, the event achieved a remarkable fundraising total of £1,413.62, a testament to the generosity of the community.

Special thanks to; CEO Gen who drew the raffle in reindeer antlers, Paul for his brilliant performance, and Reverend David Uffindel for hosting the event in the beautiful St Andrews Church. The Rock Choir, led by Tom proved to be all-around fantastic as they are every performance!

Thank you for making this year’s Carol Concert a magical and meaningful experience for all.