The power of pro-bono  

The obvious way to support a charity is to give a donation, and while we absolutely depend on donations to fund Challengers’ vital service for disabled children and young people, sometimes there are non-financial options which individuals and businesses can offer that can really benefit the charity. For instance, by providing professional services free of charge. 

One example of this is Jake Hatt, CEO and Producer at Free Bird Film, who has kindly worked with us to produce impactful videos to support our fundraising campaigns. Jake has produced a number of films for Challengers over the years, showcasing our important work in a beautiful way that really brings “the need” to life.  

Videos help people to understand what we do, the difference we make to families, and can act as a driving force in someone’s decision to support us financially. This kind of contribution is a great example of how a small company can meaningfully contribute to a charity in a non-financial way.

We are so grateful to Jake for donating his time and services to help raise awareness of what we do. We cannot put a price on his contribution to the charity, and know that without pro-bono access to his expertise, our fundraising campaigns would have been much less impactful. 

Jake filming with families in our new Guildford playground

You may have seen the video for our recent ‘Free To Be Me’ campaign, created by Jake. We’ve had some amazing feedback on the film and we’re so glad it has resonated with our audiences. 

If you could support Challengers by donating your time and/or services, we’d love you to get in touch. You don’t need to be a business owner to help either, why not ask your employer if you can support us as part of your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility agenda?