Staff Training

At Challengers, we are very proud of the staff training that we offer to all our workers and volunteers.

Every staff member goes through a progressive series of workshops. This ensures that everyone working at our schemes has the best possible training to successfully work with disabled children and young people who have complex care needs.

What training does Challengers offer?

Most of the training opportunities we provide are run by us and take place in Farnham and Guildford (unless specified otherwise).

We provide four different levels of training:

Foundation Workshops

All staff attend these as soon as possible when starting work at Challengers.

Intermediate Workshops

All staff attend these within their first 6-12 months of employment.

Advanced Workshops

You will be invited when agreed with your Scheme Leader.

Senior Training

For Leaders and office staff; you will be invited to your session.

Training Program Statement

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Online Training

Challengers staff are also able to complete a number of courses via our Online Training Portal.

Courses will be offered to staff as their experience and role changes. Once they have worked through the foundation and intermediate levels, they will be offered more advanced courses, as required by the scheme they work at.

Online Training Portal

To find out more about training at Challengers, and what opportunities there may be for you, please contact us or call 01483 230 587.

If you have an queries please email us at

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