‘Surrey Sloths’ raise over £10,000 for Challengers!

Surrey Sloths Team and the Mayor presenting the cash to Challengers.   

After four pandemic postponements the Leader of Guildford Borough Council, Councillor Joss Bigmore and five friends, Tom Hufton, Nick Thomson, John Jopp, Steve Allen and Ken Stannard finally made it to the Alps this summer, completing 700km of cycling, and climbing the equivalent of Everest twice in just 6 days.  

The spectacular six (who refer to themselves as the ‘Surrey Sloths’) raised over £10,000 for local disabled children and young people – more than double their initial target! This incredible fundraising was achieved through generosity from friends, family and corporate donations from Rio Tinto and Hayfin Capital Management. 

“It was fantastic to support such a wonderful local charity, knowing that we were raising money for Challengers undoubtedly helped us get through the Mountains, a hailstorm, a gale force headwind, and oven like temperatures that we faced at various stages!”

– Councillor Joss Bigmore

You can find their fundraising page here, as well as lots of amazing photos of their training and adventure!