From Japan to Surrey: Sharing the Challengers approach 

Challengers recently received a special visit from the other side of the world! Professor Uchiyama and his research team from Fukushima University in Japan visited Surrey to learn more about our approach to supporting disabled children and young people.  

The team, which is funded by the new established Japanese Children and Families Agency, visited the UK with the aim of finding out how support is provided for children with developmental disabilities, specifically those with autism, in non-school settings. 

We were delighted to host Professor Uchiyama and his team at our 555 service in Farnham which supports disabled young people who are out of education. Our CEO Gen Dearman and Head of Service Paul Wilson met with them to showcase our work and talk about the Challengers approach (and how this differs to other providers), as well as giving them the opportunity to speak to staff and parents to gain an insight into their experiences. 

Professor Uchiyama and his team visiting Challengers