Vinny, aged 3, is diagnosed autistic and is non-speaking with a limited understanding. After attending Guildford Pre-school for a year, Vinny’s mum, Louise, told us about their experience of Challengers

Since starting Challengers, Vinny has come on in leaps and bounds all through the help of everyone that works there. He now enjoys colouring and exploring with different textures such as sand and play dough. The workers at Challengers have worked hard to explore all options in order to help Vinny achieve milestones we struggled with, such as using a fork at lunch time and washing his hands.

Through such care and patience, Vinny has formed really strong bonds with his key workers. He now responds more when his name is called, and makes much more eye contact with them along with interacting during play time. It is so lovely to know that he has formed these friendships.

Vinny and his family taking part in the Superhero Tri

“We know his journey at Challengers will continue and they will always be a big part of Vinny’s life.”

He always shows excitement by flapping his hands when he arrives for a day of play at Challengers. It really puts my mind at ease to know that he is attending an environment that is safe for Vinny and where he is well looked after.

They have always been on hand with guidance and helpful advice, and have really helped us set things up for Vinny for his next chapter in life when he starts school.