Meet Clara

Mum Vanessa tells us about her daughter Clara, who has attended Challengers Play scheme in Farnham for more than 7 years.

It’s clear that the staff at Challengers really take the time to understand the children and young people and recognise their strengths. After coming to Challengers for over seven years, Clara has become a true part of Farnham Play, always helping as much as possible and enjoying feeling part of the team (she even took it upon herself to give CEO Gen the grand tour on her first visit to the centre!).

Clara’s three favourite things to do are swimming, going to Legoland and Challengers – when booked in for a session at Farnham Play, Clara will see it on the calendar and talk about it for days before it comes around from her sheer excitement!

One of Clara’s favourite things about going to Challengers Play scheme is the freedom she has to explore, and the outside area where she can go on the bikes, but more than anything, Clara loves being able to do what she wants to do, and being recognised for who she truly is. Her time at Challengers has given her such confidence to be who she is and embrace it, which is invaluable.

Challengers Reptile Encounter

As parents, Challengers gives us the time to do different things that would be more difficult to do with Clara, and allows for quality time with Florence (Clara’s sister) and to focus on the things that she’s interested in, such as going to board game cafés! Unlike other settings, which can leave us feeling unsettled throughout the time she’s there, we know that she will be looked after and happy at Challengers.

Challengers means so much to both Clara and us as a family.