Caitlin started attending our 555 scheme after being signposted to the service through their Surrey Case Officer. The service we provide at 555 has been absolutely vital for Caitlin, keeping routine and socialisation in her daily life as she was not attending school. The support provided for Caitlin’s family has lifted the pressure and constraints of her being out of school and allowed them to continue with their lives without worry.


“When Caitlin arrived at Challengers in March 2022, she mainly struggled with expressing her emotions and being around other young people. This led to behaviors which resulted in a breakdown in her school placement. We support Caitlin by giving her a safe place to express herself and to build her confidence and trust with adults. Aged 11, Caitlin is able to use play to develop her confidence and self-belief – for example, playing games with staff, learning to take turns and share, and eventually introducing other young people to the game. Caitlin will now initiate play with other young people. She has a great imagination, and we use role play to develop life skills and her emotional regulation.”