Superhero Tri 2023

Written by Lucy Hill

On Saturday, August 12th, 2023, Challengers soared into action at Superhero Tri, a spectacular event powered by Marvel. This unique and fully inclusive disability sports series proved to be a day filled with excitement, and the unstoppable spirit of superheroes.

The Superhero Tri event is known for its fully inclusive nature, offering three epic distances and various ways to participate in triathlon challenges. From swimming and cycling to a push/run, participants can choose to tackle all three stages individually or share the fun in a team relay. The event embraces diversity, welcoming all types of gadgets and gizmos, from day chairs and handcycles to trikes, tandems, race runners, and bikes. And, of course, no superhero is complete without their iconic superhero outfit!


Challengers was honoured to have incredible superheroes—Martha, Cameron, and Vinny—alongside their awesome sidekicks Jess, Jake, Glen, Sarah, David, Jesse, Freddie, Connor, and Luke, all participating in the event with unwavering determination and enthusiasm.

The superheroes’ efforts went beyond the physical challenges, as they collectively raised an astonishing £1,825 for Challengers. Their commitment to the cause and the generosity of supporters contributed to a fundraising triumph that will have a meaningful impact on Challengers’ mission to support local disabled children.

Challengers is immensely grateful to everyone who contributed to the success of Superhero Tri. Thank you for making the Superhero Tri a day to remember.