Challengers Online Art Auction

Friday 18th November – Thursday 1st December 2022

Back by popular demand! We are very excited to launch our third online art auction comprising of some amazing pieces.

On offer is a wonderful range of paintings, prints, photography, sculpture and ceramics so there is plenty to choose from! They would make a lovely Christmas present for family and friends!  Below are just a few, if you would like to browse the whole auction have a look through the booklet here.

How it works

  • The auction is running from midday Friday 18th November to 10pm Thursday 1st December.
  • Please stick to whole numbers when bidding e.g. If someone bids £30, you will need to bid £31 or higher rather than bidding £30.01. Please do not bid lower than the reserve price.
  • You are allowed to bid on more than one artwork so please do!
  • Once the auction has finished, we will get in contact with all the highest bidders to arrange payment and collection of the artwork. IMPORTANT: the collection of artwork will be from our Guildford Playcentre.

Do you have Facebook? – Yes

We have set up a Facebook page just for the auction, to visit our page please click here. 

We will be posting each artwork one at a time and to make a bid, all you need to do is comment the amount on the post. Make sure to keep checking the page to see if someone else has out bid you so that you can make another bid

Do you have Facebook? – No

You can email or call Helena to make a bid (please only call on weekdays between 9am-5pm) 

We will let you know what the highest bid so far is for the artwork you are interested in and make the bid for you on our live Facebook auction page. We can also notify you if someone has outbid you 

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the artists and supporters who donated pieces of artwork, we could not have done this without you!