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Team Orange at Winter Wonderwheels 2019

Winter wonderwheels photo

On Sunday 1st December, the #TeamOrange returned to Dorney Lake for Winter Wonderwheels, sponsored by Marvel!

It was a fantastically festive day, filled with exciting events to celebrate every day superheroes.

Awesome Anna and her trusty sidekicks Ben and Fred zoomed through the 1km dash on a suitably festive tinsel covered bike with her heroic sidekicks scooting by her side.

Hot on their tail was Joyful James and his super dad Ben nothing was stopping them as the adrenaline kicked in. They reached the finish line in tremendous time!!

Lightning Luke and his mum were a blur of orange as they zipped around the 5km route triumphantly claiming their medals at the finish line.

Lovely Leia took on the 10km dressed as the Grinch who stole Christmas with Santa Claus (Dad) by her side and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer (Mum) lighting the way.

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2nd December 2019