Sara’s story

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Sara’s story

We have two children: Cressida who is nearly eight and Kasper who is six. Kasper goes to Challengers. Kasper is fully dependant on adults for all his needs, and our life revolves around his routine for feeding, caring and sleeping. The impact is enormous and it affects our family life on a daily basis. Plans are often cancelled or delayed because Kasper has become ill. We have also learnt a lot of medical terms and seen more hospitals than we ever thought we would!

I found out about Challengers via a friend. I was slightly apprehensive, as I wasn’t sure how my son would react, or what the staff would think of him. I was half expecting a call to ask me to collect him. Suffice to say, I had nothing to worry about and he came home very relaxed. I spent the day with my daughter. We had a wonderful time together and she could relax too.

When he is at Challengers he enjoys the sensory room and the swings outside. During his last visit, he laughed most of the afternoon! Challengers has had a significant impact on our life. It gives such a peace of mind to know that Kasper will be well looked after and have a good time. We can give attention to our daughter without interruption and do things that aren’t normally possible, like going to the local swimming pool.

When I think about the staff I feel happy and grateful because they are energetic, caring and helpful, I am full of awe for the teams. I don’t like thinking about it, but if we didn’t have Challengers the impact would be enormous, as we have found it very difficult to find appropriate and affordable child care elsewhere.

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If we didn’t have Challengers the impact would be enormous

– Sara Rekhi