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Our fantastic Young Ambassadors are a vital part of our big orange team and play an important role in raising both awareness and funds for Challengers.

Working closely with the Challengers Fundraising Team, they get involved with lots of different opportunities to represent Challengers.

Our Young Ambassadors are aged 13-18 and all have disabled siblings who attend Challengers. They support Challengers in lots of ways, from speaking at events about their experiences to organising local fundraising events and more. They also have an online group especially for them, where they can get to know each other, share their ideas and keep up to date with what’s going on at Challengers.

If you are interested in joining the Young Ambassadors team, please contact the Fundraising Team at or on 01483 230 060.

  • Amie
    Amie: Young Ambassador

    My brother has been going to Challengers for over 8 years and he has a really great time every time he goes so I wanted to become a Young Ambassador to thank Challengers for all the fun and excitement he has. Hopefully I can help at events and let other people know about the good work Challengers do for disabled children.

  • Ben
    Ben: Young Ambassador

    My elder brother Oliver has been going to Challengers for over 9 years. He loves going and playing with the staff. The reason I want to be a Young Ambassador is to help Challengers provide a safe place where children with disabilities can be themselves, experience exciting places and try new things.

  • Fabienne
    Fabienne: Young Ambassador

    When I look at today’s society I see a set of teenagers who are ignorant to the reality that many families face when they have a child with a disability one like mine. I have a younger brother called Sam who has Down Syndrome. Now without going into the doom and gloom of it all Sam is tough work for everyone especially my mother so when we see Challengers is booked in the calendar a look of joy is expressed on all of our faces as we all get time to relax away from Sam without feeling guilty as we know he is having the time of his life; cooking, playing, etc.

    By being part of Young Ambassadors, not only do I feel that I can give something back to the charity but also feel part of a family where everyone is in similar situations and therefore can understand how you feel a lot of the time. I feel lucky to have a brother like Sam as I feel that I get the most amazing brother but I am also able to educate younger people about how this taboo that circles disability is nothing more than a facade as underneath all the negative comments you find a smiling little boy named Sam.

  • Finn
    Finn: Young Ambassador

    Challengers means that Mum can get a break when my brother goes to either Farnham or Petersfield, it has also meant that she has been able to come and watch me play football and rugby without worrying about having to take Fergus out in all sorts of bad weather. All the play workers give Fergus a lovely time and he does things that he would never do at home with us!
    I would like to make sure that disabled children continue to come to Challengers and I can help people my age get involved with disability.

  • Lucy
    Lucy: Young Ambassador

    My sister comes to Challengers and absolutely loves it. I would like to be able to help in my own way by becoming a young ambassador and being part of such a positive and happy place.

  • Max
    Max: Young Ambassador

    One reason why I have become a Young Ambassador is to demonstrate to people in my particular age group that it is still ‘cool’ to help and look after others – especially those less capable then us. Young ambassadors also gives me the opportunity to express how I feel publicly and helps me to develop my own speaking skills. The reason I became involved was due to my little brother Sam and I thought about how many children in a similar situation to Sam there are that need my help and by joining Young ambassadors it allows me to do so.

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