Challenging perspectives

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We believe in a world where all children and young people should be able to be together, play and have fun.

This should be regardless of their abilities and that the world should be a far more inclusive than it is now.

We know that this is not the case right now and in the UK 51% of disabled children are intentionally excluded from play (ref: Sense 2015). Therefore it remains our mission to ensure that we provide inclusive play and fun for all disabled young people aged 2 to 25 through the schemes we offer.

The Challengers Approach The Social Model of Disability The Practical Approach

If we bump in to somebody and Challengers is mentioned, there is an instant connection to that person, there is like a belonging – like an extended family. The boys get a lot from it and because they get a lot from it, I get a lot from it

– Sarah Benton, parent