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Fundraiser Tales: White Christmas Gala at University of Surrey

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The University of Surrey School of Hospitality White Christmas Gala raised £1253.93 for Challengers! In this festive Fundraiser Tale, Danielle dicusses why they chose to Support Challengers and how the event came together.

Through the University of Surrey School of Hospitality, our teams were asked to raise money for local charities as a way of giving back to the Guildford community through our Events module. My team chose to support Challengers as our local charity as the stories about the children’s and young adult’s lives were inspiring to us, so we wanted to help them and their families have a great Christmas and to continue to have the fantastic support that Challengers provides them with.

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Our event, the White Christmas Gala, was a 3-course meal, banquet style event that included an array of live festive entertainment such as a magician and a musician, and we had the pleasure of having Nathalie Bellamy, a Challengers Parent Ambassador, come and present a heartfelt speech about her son, Sam.

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The whole theme was centered around the idea of ‘White Christmas’ symbolising purity and friendship which is a good reflection on the essence of Challengers. The added benefit as well of being beautiful and festive made for a great Christmas Gala which our guests thoroughly enjoyed!

We are proud of the money we raised for Challengers and it was achieved through time and dedication to our goals. We were successful with our fundraising ideas such as Christmas bake sales where people were so generous often going above and beyond the asking price when they heard where the money was going.

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The event itself was where most of the fundraising occurred as we completely sold out of tickets and on the night we held an extremely popular raffle and silent auction for our grand prize, the Savoy Champagne Afternoon Tea for 2. In this way, everyone got involved whether they wanted to donate a small amount or larger and a sense of competition really helped things get going! When we made those connections with our guests and made them feel that their donations were really going to count, we found that people were very much in the spirit of goodwill.

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For me this was a great learning experience, as previously my fundraising projects have been simpler arrangements like bake sales, so I cannot say I had vast experience! This was a huge step up from that and enabled my team and I to use the skills that we have developed through our course to put on a meaningful event and we really enjoyed the process.

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