Information about this Young Adults scheme

Who can go?

Bookham Young Adults is for disabled young adults age 18-25.

What happens at Bookham Young Adult scheme?

At the centre we enjoy cooking, parties, drumming workshops, dancing and chilling out. When we are outdoors, we do football, archery, water fights and graffiti art

Where does the scheme go on out trips?

Swimming, shows, bowling, cinema, cycling, trips to cafes, restaurants and pubs and London attractions.

Where can I find full listings of what’s on at Bookham Young Adults?

To find out what activities are currently happening at Bookham Young Adults, scroll up to view our Activity Programmes (please note these are PDF documents).

How do I find the scheme?
To find Bookham Young Adults, drive along Lower Road in Bookham, the Youth Centre is at 164 Lower road, opposite the Blue Anchor Pub. However, the entrance and car park can be accessed via Eastwick Park Avenue, just along Lower Road to the west of the youth centre. Enter Eastwick Park Avenue and take the first right toward the Scout Centre and the GP’s surgery. The car park for the Youth Centre is ahead of you at the end of the road, enter through the gates and walk round to the front of the Bookham Youthcentre to enter Challengers.

How do I join in the fun at Bookham Young Adults?

If you are a new parent, you will first need to register with Challengers. If you have already registered, you can visit our Challengers Booking Website to make your bookings. If you have any questions, call us on 01483 230 939.

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Further information for young adults

At Challengers we understand that being an adult is a big deal and that there are lots of things for you to think about. Our Young Adult Transitioning page has lots of useful links and information covering a variety of topics including short break activities, finances, housing and relationships.

If you have any queries, please send us a message

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