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Our Challengers Young Adult Schemes in Surrey and Hampshire are for disabled young people ages 18 to 25 to make friends and try out fun activities. These run at weekends, evenings, and school holidays.

There’s always lots of things to do at these schemes! Organised activities include trips out to the IMAX cinema, skiing, bowling, and lunch out at Pizza Express.

Every scheme has spaces for young adults with complex impairments who need a higher level of support. Our fab dynamic team is ready to provide whatever level of support every individual needs. You can choose your preferred days and activities from our list of programmes.

We currently run Young Adult Schemes in Basingstoke, Farnham, Guildford and Leatherhead.

Booking information:

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Costs and Funding:

Costs will depend on the ratio of support young people have – more details on how much a day at a Challengers Young Adult Scheme costs can be found on our Prices & Payments page.

Young people or their families can pay for bookings in advance by debit or credit card.

Young people and their families can use Direct Payments to pay – more information about Direct Payments, costings and levels of support.

Challengers also accept referrals from Social Service departments.

How much do Challengers Young Adult Schemes cost?

If you do not receive direct payments or have other reasons which would make you unable to pay, please contact us on 01483 230930 to discuss the possibility of a concessionary rate.


Young Adult full day:
Non 1:1 – £60.00
1:1 – £96.00
2:1 – £150.00

Young Adult evenings:
Non 1:1 – £20.00
1:1 – £32.00
2:1 – £50.00

Levels of Support:
We agree on what level of support an individual has with us through a number of means:

  • Information families, young people, carers and professionals give us
  • Information and conversations with families gathered at first visits
  • Care needs in relation to moving, behaviour, and ability to join in and take part with the activities provided
  • Reviewing incidents that take place
  • Our judgement, experience, and knowledge of what ensures each young person is safe and supported to join in and have fun at Challengers

Direct Payments
If you do not currently receive a personal budget, you may well be entitled to one. We have been given the following information around young adults being entitled to receive personal budgets/Direct Payments:

  • More and more young people will be eligible for a personal budget
  • At times this personal budget will include Direct Payments (paid to families), to provide choice and control for young people and their families around how they want to spend the funding they are provided with
  • More information for Surrey young adults from Surrey County Council
  • SILC can also provide advice, guidance and support managing personal budgets. They also have a lot of information on direct payments. For more information visit their website

If you do not receive Direct Payments: Please contact the Pay and Leisure Team on 01483 230930 and we can discuss offering you a concessionary rate.

Further information

At Challengers we understand that being an adult is a big deal and that there are lots of things for you to think about. Check out our transition page for lots of useful links and information covering a variety of topics including short break activities, finances, housing and relationships.

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