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Welcoming our new Trustees!

We have recently welcomed two wonderful new Trustees to our Board, who we are very excited to work with.

Finding great Trustees is hugely important, as they oversee everything the charity does – from setting our strategy to being responsible for our finances. They’re volunteers with big responsibilities, but it’s a fun and rewarding way to make a difference to a charity you’re passionate about.

So now you know more about what they do, here’s a little bit about who they are…

Alison Stenlake – Marketing and Communications Trustee

Alison has an impressive background in communications and journalism, having spent more than 22 years at the BBC where she led editorial teams to distribute news stories to huge audiences around the globe. Alison is an excellent communicator and has a wealth of experience across digital, print, TV and radio, so we very much look forward to working with her and seeing what she will bring to the charity. 

On her appointment, Alison said: “I’m delighted and honoured to become a Challengers Trustee, as I know what a huge difference the charity makes to the lives of disabled children and their families. I’m looking forward to using my professional experience to focus on the communications side of the charity’s operations, which is vital to help it sustain and grow its services.”

“Challengers is also a personal passion of mine, as my daughter Eleanor has attended its Playschemes since 2016, and I became a Parent Ambassador in 2017. It’s an invaluable part of our family life.” 

Natasha Morris – Parent Trustee 

Natasha is a huge supporter of Challengers and her son Toby and daughter Lily have both attended our Pre-school and Playschemes. She recently ran the London Marathon for us, raising almost £20k, and has spoken at many events about the positive impact that Challengers has on her family.

Natasha said: “It’s been over 4 years since my children started at Pre-school, and they have now both moved up to Play, and throughout that time I have had the most amazing experience with Challengers. I want to give back as much as possible to enable every family to have the same amazing experience that we have had. It is a passion of mine to help Team Orange in any way I can!”

Please join us in congratulating Alison and Natasha on their appointments – we can’t wait to see what we can achieve with their expert guidance and support.