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Trustees Week 2018

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This week (12th November to 16th November) is Trustees Week!

This is a week where we celebrate our Board of Trustees, who use their varied skillsets and experiences to help support Challengers across all areas of the organisation – from operations and safeguarding, to fundraising and finance.

To find out more about what our Trustees have done for Challengers, check out our Prezi presentation below!

What our Trustees have helped us achieve in the last twelve months

Here’s David Clinton, our Chairmain, and Laura Sercombe, our CEO, explaining why a Board of Trustees is so vital to Challengers and the third sector at large:

David Clinton: “The third sector is coming under considerable levels of scrutiny: in some charities there have been questions about financial mismanagement and inappropriate fundraising; in others there have been charges of inadequate safeguarding and even sexual harassment.

The backstop is the Board of Trustees. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the Board not only to assure financial sustainability but also to satisfy itself that all the services provided by the charity, along with the fundraising required to support them, meet regulatory guidelines in full and are carried out in line with best management practice. All Trustees carry a degree of personal responsibility and must be ‘on their game’ to ensure the charity meets these goals.”

Laura Sercombe: “The Trustees play a critical role in the life cycle of the charity. Our team relies on having a Board of Trustees who volunteer their time to challenge and support the leadership team throughout the year and join us in being accountable for our integrity, our delivery and our reputation.

This year we have picked up the Charity Commission’s new guidelines and really tested our governance to be sure we are the best we can be for all those that depend on what we do every day. This work underpins all we do and we remain grateful for the skills, time and dedication of the Challengers Board.”

Find out more about our fantastic Board of Trustees by heading to the Trustees page.