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Meet our volunteers

We love our volunteers!

Volunteering makes Britain a great country to live in; 21 Million people in Britain have volunteered at least once in a year and 14 Million volunteer on a regular basis. At Challengers we welcome over 100 volunteers across different roles and every year they help us deliver play and leisure to disabled children and young people which is fantastic for them and their families.

Here you will meet some of the fantastic volunteers that Challengers are lucky to have!

  • Cathy Greaves
    Cathy Greaves: Operations Admin Volunteer

    When I retired I wanted to volunteer for a local charity; having worked in an office for many years I decided to help in the office at Challengers.

    I have now been involved for about 18 months and I get a real sense of satisfaction feeling that I am doing some worthwhile tasks to help the busy admin team. I also love the sense of commitment to Challengers that all the staff members have.

  • Janet McMinnies
    Janet McMinnies: Communications Team Volunteer

    I have been a volunteer with Challengers since 2013 and loved every minute of it. They are a great team and made me feel so welcome right from the start. Challengers achieves amazing results and it gives me such pleasure to be a small part of this.

  • Penny Foster
    Penny Foster:  Scheme Volunteer

    Being a part of a Challengers team is amazing and one of the best experiences I have ever had. There is not a place quite like Challengers and its community of bubbly and enthusiastic children, young people and staff – it is unique.

    For me becoming a Challengers volunteer has also been very useful as I am currently studying childcare & development. I strongly urge anyone who is thinking about coming to volunteer to just fill in the application form and send it off!

  • Chris Stam
    Chris Stam: Fundraising Volunteer

    I lived locally for 33 years and only 10 minutes’ walk away. I have seen Challengers develop and known people who have worked here through the years, and we have always supported Challengers with donations and we have participated in BBQ’s and summer fairs. A few years ago there was a natural gap in my time and thought it was a very worthwhile cause and I liked the people very much. There is nothing that I don’t enjoy to be honest. It keeps me young and, I think I get more out of it than I give!

    Challengers has a very positive profile in the community. I sell Challengers left, right and centre and I’m always talking Challengers!  I think everyone in the organisation is an ambassador of some sort and the truth is the country couldn’t exist without charities like Challengers.

  • Harriet Sharp
    Harriet Sharp: Scheme Volunteer

    I heard a lot about Challengers and that it is a fun place to be as my sister volunteered here before me. Challengers is somewhere I can make a positive impact on my community and the lives of families and children in the area. You find the best way of making sure the child has a good day and then you need to also communication with the parents about what the child has been doing that day as they often can’t tell them themselves.

    I want to work in paediatrics and with young children so Challengers has given my some great experience. Volunteering at Challengers has been really valuable and given me so many new skills including teamwork, communications, creativity and problem solving. I remember the first day I came to volunteer I was very nervous, but then I saw the faces of happy children and I relaxed so much.

I feel useful. The flexible hours are great. The people are ... amazing!

– Office volunteer