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Lisa’s Prudential RideLondon blog – 9th June 2017

Lisa's Prudential RideLondon blog - 9th June 2017

Lisa Aldridge, one of our Prudential RideLondon cyclists for 2017, writes about her training, how she got involved in cycling, and how she first found about about Challengers.

According to my training plan for RideLondon, tonight was supposed to be an hour on the turbo, an indoor bike. But it was such a beautiful day, as I made my daily 60 mile drive home from work, I wondered if I might catch the 10 mile Time Trial, less than a mile from my front door.

I’ve dabbled in cycling throughout my life. I cycled to school, I cycled to university. Then had a go at triathlon for a couple of years before meeting my Mathias, an ironman at the time, and now an ultramarathoner. A couple of years ago I was roped into doing a 50 mile sportive with some colleagues. I enjoyed it so much I joined a cycling club. Mathias has always encouraged me to get out on the bike, always willing to look after our boys for several hours.

Our eldest son has Down Syndrome. He has a severe learning disability and behaviours associated with the autistic spectrum disorder. We were introduced to Challengers by a friend as a place for him to have fun at the weekend and for us to have a bit of a rest. It’s invaluable to us. Both our boys attend and have a fantastic time. They’re welcomed with open arms and the staff have so much energy and enthusiasm it’s amazing. So when a friend posted the opportunity to RideLondon for Challengers I jumped at the chance.

So on this fine sunny evening, I picked up my youngest son from his after school club and came home to my eldest, who was being supervised in the garden by his Personal Assistant. His dad and I watched in amazement from the kitchen as he was actually jumping on our trampoline a foot clear with no assistance. At the age of eight he has only ever sat on our trampoline playing with his strings.

When I reached the start of the race there was some uncertainty about it going ahead due to temporary traffic lights. I remembered a tip I’d heard from one of the many audiobooks I listen to while training ‘don’t wait for others’, so I quickly made the decision to do my own 15 mile loop. I love the camaraderie between cyclists. One guy whizzed passed me, “nice evening for it” he said….10 minutes later as we’d taken a different route, he came passed again “I just went past your twin” he joked. It made my day.

When I got home I went to kiss the boys goodnight. The youngest wanted me to read with him. The eldest just wanted a cuddle. It was so cute…until I got a waft of what he’d done and I realised my work was not yet done!

I’m not sure how I am going to cope this weekend. Mathias is away doing an Ultramarathon in the Alps, and the boys don’t have a Challengers session. It’s going to be a long weekend.

You can sponsor Lisa by heading to her fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving.