Operations & Bookings (inc. Booking Website queries)

  • How do I register with Challengers?

    Wonderful news! We’d be happy to have you and your child on board! You can complete the registration process online. Please note that once you’ve registered the system will take time to process this and you will not be able to book anything immediately.

  • I’ve registered online - how do I start booking sessions?

    Once you’ve registered we need to authorise your account. When we’ve done this you’ll receive an email thanking you for registering and inviting you to book a first visit. After attending this session you’ll be able to book sessions online or over the phone. During booking periods we can enable your account to book sessions before attending a first visit but a first visit must be completed before you can attend the sessions.

  • I can't login to the booking website - what do I do?

    Speak to the Play and Leisure Team on 01483 230 930 and we will reset your password. There is also be a ‘Forgotten my password’ button on the login page if you want to use that.

  • How do I see my bookings?

    Go to ‘MY BOOKINGS’ on the top menu bar. This will only show bookings from September 2018. If you need to see older bookings, call 01483 230 930 and the Play & Leisure Team will be able to help. You will also receive booking confirmations for all bookings.

  • What is the 'MY ACCOUNT' menu button?

    This is where you see all your invoices and payments for each booking.

  • What's the button on the top right of the screen for?

    This is where you update your address, email and phone details.

  • What do the letters mean in 'TRANSACTION TYPE'?

    ‘I’ is invoice
    ‘R’ is ‘receipt’ – a payment you’ve made
    ‘C’ is a ‘credit’ for a cancellation
    ‘F’ is a ‘refund’ which we have paid back to you.

  • What are the different colours on the calendar for?

    Green = the event has spaces and is available to book.
    Grey = the event can’t be booked on to.
    Red = the event is full.
    Blue = you are on the waiting list.

  • Why is the 'WAITING LIST' separate from 'MY BOOKINGS'?

    This is so that it is quicker for parents to use – see quickly and separately from their bookings.

  • My child is on the waiting list but I haven’t heard anything. Are there any spaces available?

    We understand that if can be very frustrating if you are waiting for a space at one of our schemes. We can only call people who are on the waiting list if there has been a cancellation – these can happen any time; from months in advance to the morning of the session. As soon as we get a cancellation we look at the waiting list and will call and email you to invite you along. Unfortunately, if you don’t hear from us, it means there aren’t any spaces available.

  • Why can't I see any schemes?

    Schemes won’t appear until you select your child who you want to book for – then the right schemes will appear for the age of your child.

  • When’s the next booking period?

    You can find out when our booking weeks are here. We will email you 2 weeks before booking week with the specific day that schemes will be booking on and the number of sessions you will be able to book.

    Don’t forget to sign up to our Facebook page so you don’t miss any updates!

  • How do I cancel a session online?

    Go to ‘MY BOOKINGS’ – this will list all of your bookings – and click on the ‘X’ in the ‘CANCEL BOOKING’ column. A credit will then be held on your account if you cancel more than 5 days of the event booking.

  • I made a cancellation and got a credit note. How do I use the credit note?

    If you make a cancellation more than 5 days in advance you will be issued with a credit note for the session. This credit note is put onto your Challengers account. If you have paid the original invoice in full you can use this credit note to pay for a session in the future. When you make your next booking online use the pay on accountdis option. You will then need to contact the finance team on 01483 230589 to process your payment and deduct the credit note or if you know how much you need to pay you can make a payment via our website.

  • I am struggling to afford Challengers fees. Can I get help?

    Please see our Challengers Concession policy to see if you qualify for reduced fees.

  • How can I pay for Challengers sessions?

    Challengers payment terms are payment at time of booking. Payment can be made by debit/credit card, cheques made payable to Challengers, bank transfer or childcare vouchers. For more details, visit our Prices & Payments page.

  • Why do I need to put in my payment details again when I pay?

    The payment system we use requires you to put in your name, address and email of the card holder (not necessarily the person making the order). This is common practice because we are not permitted to hold your payment details and required to process the payment securely.

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