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How local councillors support Challengers schemes

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In this blog, Jennie Payne, our Trust Fundraising Officer, talks about the grants we receive from local councillors and why that support is so important to our schemes across the South East.

Here in the fundraising team at Challengers we work hard to raise money from lots of different sources, ranging from street collections and schools, to large corporates and challenge events! One of the ways that we raise funding for our schemes is through grants from local councillors. Many county and district councillors across Surrey and Hampshire are given a personal pot of funding from the council, which they can distribute to good causes in their local area.

The great thing about councillor grants is that they are given directly to each scheme, so that councillors can specifically help children and their families in their local ward. In 2018 we were very fortunate that a whole range of Challengers schemes were awarded councillor funding, including Bookham Young Adults, summer holiday activities at Farnham Play, equipment and toys at our Playscheme in Esher, and youth trips out and about in Andover.

Farnham Playscheme image

Farnham Play, Summer Holidays 2018

Councillor Julie Butler from East Hampshire District Council has previously given a grant towards Petersfield Youth. Last summer her grant helped to pay for a magical day at the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London, an afternoon of cycling in the beautiful New Forest, and a huge end of summer party with friends from other Challengers schemes!

She commented that: “Funding is important to all charitable organisations- I know as I am approached by many locally asking for support. I am so pleased to have been able to support Challengers and to help fund their Petersfield Youth scheme. They are a lifeline to families, as it means they can have time out and relax with the peace of mind that their son or daughter is well cared for. Challengers do such wonderful work, and I love popping down to The Petersfield School to see how they are all getting along. Thank you so much Challengers, you are amazing.”

Petersfield Youthscheme image

Petersfield Youth, Summer Holidays 2018

Funding from local councillors is incredibly important for every Challengers scheme. Not only does it help us to provide loads of fun and laughs for children and young people, but it also gives local families the chance to have an essential short break. On top of local authority contracts and parental income, we still need to raise over £1.6 million in 2019 to keep breaking down the barriers to play, making every bit of support we receive even more vital.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Challengers is funded, and how you could help to support us in our 40th birthday year, just get in touch with one of our friendly fundraisers at fundraising@disability-challengers.org or call 01483 230 060.

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