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Give the gift of friendship this Christmas

Sam Bossi, the mum of Henry, tells us about why Challengers is so important to her family and the difference that your support of Challengers will make this Christmas.

Challengers is a key part of Henry’s life and has been for the last 11 years. It is really the only thing that he can do to socialise outside of school with people his own age. Without Challengers, he would have just school and home and that is no life for anybody. Challengers accepts him for who he is.

It makes him feel included. So often he ends up on his own with his iPad, so being with others is important to him. He enjoys the company of others and making them laugh, this is what he likes about going to Challengers and the closest thing he gets to friendship.

Friendship is so important for our own health and well-being, and this is the same for Henry and his friends. Having a disabled child is very isolating and making friends is much harder when you have a disabled child. Through Challengers, I have made some great new friends who understand what it is like to care for these children, but also know the rewards, however small they might be.

I hate the idea that Henry and others like him could be lonely and so when he asks each day if he can go to Challengers it is heart-breaking and really hard to explain why he can’t.

By donating to Challengers today, you are doing something wonderful for Henry and his friends. Providing one of the very few opportunities for children and young people with additional needs to play and socialise in safe and fun environments. Challengers cannot do enough because there is not enough money and so every donation means that these children get to see their friends. Henry doesn’t get invited to birthday parties and sleepovers but Challengers provides the opportunity to see their friends.

Make a donation to Challengers and give the gift of friendship this Christmas. Thank you.