Celebrate your occasion with Challengers and remove barriers to play for disabled children!

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or remembering a loved one, marking the occasion by supporting Challengers will make a lasting difference.

Please contact us to discuss how we can provide the support you need in keeping with your occasion.
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  • In memory
    In memory:  

    Giving in memory is a lovely way to remember a loved one and support Challengers at the same time. This could be through gifts in lieu at an event, or taking part in a challenge event to remember a loved one, just like Helen did:

    “Since losing my sister under very tragic circumstances last year, things have been tough. I felt I needed to do something positive in memory of my sister whilst also helping to make a difference to others.

    We chose to run for Challengers as both my sister and some of her close friends have used the fabulous facilities and services that Challengers offer and it has made a great difference to their children’s lives over the years. We saw it as a fitting tribute to be able to give something back and to raise awareness to those who may not have heard about what Challengers do.”

    If you would like to know more, please contact us.

  • In celebration
    In celebration:  

    Are you marking a special occasion, having a party or celebrating something? Why not support Challengers at the same time, like Celia & Josh did:

    “Challengers has played a huge role in my family life, so when it came to choosing a charity to support at our wedding in lieu of gifts, it was an easy decision for us. The power of play – to build friendships, develop language and motor skills, be creative and express yourself, and most importantly, simply have fun, is all too often denied to children with disabilities. Challengers was a total haven and it was a joy to be in a safe, inclusive space where children with any kind of disability could have the chance to access amazing facilities and have the support of wonderful staff and volunteers to promote all sorts of play opportunities.”

    If you would like to know more, we would love to hear from you.

My son George sadly passed away, but Challengers will always remain close to our hearts as he loved his time there, we will continue to fundraise in his memory

– ” Julia Lindon-Travers