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Fundraiser Tales: Gloria’s Kelly’s Cycle Challenge story

Gloria from Consult Hyperion

This edition of Fundraiser Tales is from Gloria Benson, the Director of Business Operations at Consult Hyperion. She talks about her connection to Challengers, her own personal history of the event, and her team’s plans for the 2018 installment!

Many years ago the company often donated funds to the Play Centre in Stoke Park. This was my choice as many years ago I volunteered for the PHAB youth club. I thoroughly enjoyed this work away from the commercial life of business and continued this volunteering for about 12 years before the business life took over. So I have always had a soft spot for Challengers, as life for these youngsters is very different to back in the 80s and they are given opportunities to learn and experience.

My team:

The company is 43 strong and has been based in Guildford for over 30 years. We are a technology consultancy working in the areas of privacy and transactions so effectively we sell expertise in that field.

I believe this is the 4th year we would have had a team in the Kelly’s Cycle Challenge Challenge and it will be my 3rd year, as I had to miss a year to battle cancer for the 2nd time, which made it even more meaningful last year getting back on my bike and rallying a team. I got my medal for the 54 miler despite some car forcing me to come off my bike with 18 miles to go – I was built for endurance! So I got back on my bike and by the end of the ride my knees were well on the way to healing. I was absolutely elated to receive my medal and a BIG HUG from Kat (from Kelly’s Storage Charity Events) at the end.

What brought me back the 2nd year and again subsequently was the fantastic organisation of the whole event, although that was when we started with Folly Hill, and it is such a unique event where every penny raised goes to Challengers.

Gloria and her teammates at a previous Kelly's Cycle Challenge

Our plans for 2018:

This year we have a team of 14. Then we have the youngest, being nearly 5 (3 days after the event), on the back of her Dad’s bike in the 7 miler. And then we have a range of ages and distances in between. Team members include the CEO, consultants and software engineers, a member of the marketing team and family and other family members and neighbours, as well as myself, a Director of the company. The lovely thing about the day is that we will all meet as a team at the beginning of the day then split for our different distances but as a team have a common cause for a good cause.

All team members are badgering other members of staff who are not joining us on the ride and asking them to dig deep in their pockets to sponsor those who are getting on their bikes. Consult Hyperion have paid the entry fee for all so we are also asking the individuals cycling to donate money as well as their own energy on the day!

To join Gloria and many other cyclists at this year’s Kelly’s Cycle Challenge, register online now at the official event website.