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Fundraiser Tales: Jamie’s epic London to Amsterdam cycle

Image of Jamie in Amsterdam

This Fundraiser Tale comes from Jamie Orme, a keen cyclist who recently took on an epic fundraising adventure from London to Amsterdam in aid of Challengers. Read on to find out more about the event and his overall experience of a truly epic challenge!

My view on these things is that you [Challengers] are the ones who do so much hard work for the benefit of others…I just went on a bike ride!

The event itself was great. There were 88 people altogether representing over 30 different charities, so very humbling to be amongst so many others, including those who have disabilities themselves. It brings together a large cross section of people, so being a young(ish), healthy person who spends a lot of time on the bike, my ‘struggle’ and effort over those few days was nothing compared to many others.

My goal was to keep a high pace over the four days along with my cycling partner (who also works for the same company that I work at) – yet for others it was to just get there. Six hours for us can be eight or nine for others. Everyone has their own personal journey – but one of the best things about it is the spirit throughout the whole group that we’re all in it together.

We covered around 570km over the 4 days from 6th June, going:

  • Day 1 – London to Calais (via Dover) (a very early start and a very late finish)
  • Day 2 – Calais to Brugges
  • Day 3 – Brugges to Breda
  • Day 4 – Breda to Amsterdam

Despite the threats on weather forecast, we ended up having four days of sunshine. Not a single drop of rain to dampen the mood…and lots of very nice beer to welcome us each day. I also knew my wife would be waiting for me in Amsterdam at the finish, so that really kept me going and is very emotional at that point! It’s a great feeling seeing everyone who have loved ones waiting for them, a big celebration for all of the effort. I’m also sure that the families are fine having a few days in Amsterdam too!

Having previously done London to Paris last September, which had quite a few uphills, this was a far different challenge due to it being absolutely flat from Calais onwards. Without any downhill sections, it means that you are constantly peddling and don’t get the chance to rest a bit. So, all them sessions on the indoor trainer getting used to peddling for hours on end without stop certainly paid off.

These events though are very humbling; as all of the money raised goes towards the unsung heroes of society. It goes to those who spend their time helping others, those in need, those who so unfairly have to go through things that I cannot even imagine; and just one of the many events that so many others do year after year to keep that support going. So, it is my thanks to you for the work that you do.

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