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Fundraiser Tales: Harry’s ‘The Fox’ run

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In this Fundraiser Tale, Harry talks about The Fox run he is undertaking in April 2019 and his personal connection to Challengers.

On the 27th of April 2019 I am running “The Fox”, a 38 miler which follows a loop around Challengers. Here’s the route:

Challengers Trek image

I’ve chosen Challengers to be the recipient of the funds I raise because they provided excellent services for my brother, David when he was a teenager. David is now 27 and has been in full-time care with my parents for the last 3 years after a series of failed care home placements in Surrey. I also wish to raise awareness of the plight which many people with severe autism face in the care sector when they become adults. Challengers is a shining light in what can be quite a dark world for people with severe autism.

In terms of inspiration for this challenge, it was quite simple really. I read a book titled Can’t Hurt Me by former US Navy Seal David Goggins over Christmas 2018. The entire book is about breaking down limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are artificial boundaries we ourselves set around what we think we are capable of accomplishing. By attacking head on challenges which we think are impossible, and overcoming them, we expand our belief system of what we think we can accomplish.

In the spirit of aiming for the impossible, and after spending days flicking through all the available ultramarathons in the UK, I thought this event with only four months to train would be ideal – and with the track surrounding Challengers, the charity is a natural fit for the fundraising.

I am most excited about getting over the hump which apparently happens in ultramarathons. I am told, there comes a point in the race where you reach peak discomfort and think you cannot go on. However, overcoming this marks a turning point in your morale – supposedly. I’m not particularly looking forward to experiencing all of this, but I am definitely looking forward to overcoming it.

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I’d definitely recommend a challenge like this to a friend, there’s so much to be said for stepping outside your comfort zone in a big way. Most importantly, it doesn’t have to be an ultramarathon! If you struggle to run for a bus then I’d recommend signing up to something like a 5k – whatever is significantly outside your realm of what you believe you can achieve.

To support Harry’s run, head to his fundraising page now to sponsor him!

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