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Home Fundraiser Tales: Ann’s homemade scrunchies and bibs

Fundraiser Tales: Ann’s homemade scrunchies and bibs

Fundraiser Tales: Ann's homemade scrunchies and bibs

In this Fundraiser Tale, one of our London Marathon runners and Parent Ambassadors, Ann Baty, talks about what she’s been doing to boost her fundraising.

Our children need and deserve more colour in their lives, and Challengers has set the standard with their eye-catching ever-present Orange! I will be proud to be wearing the Team Orange vest for the 2019 London Marathon.

Ann Baty running image

There’s plenty of colours in the range of Hair Scrunchies I have made as my first Team Orange Marathon fundraising effort. Perfect for Christmas Stocking fillers!

There’s also plenty of bright fabrics in my range of Neckerchiefs/Bibs, and some more subtle tones for those who would prefer them.

When Lizzie started at Special School we became familiar with the blue, green, and burgundy towelling bibs frequently used. They were fine when new, but soon became dull and drab after endless washings and tumble dries in the school machines. Though still practical, I felt that they became “institutionalised” in their look, and did nothing to enhance the young and usually happy faces of our children.

I feel our children deserve bibs which are bright and beautiful, as well as practical whether as clothes protectors, dribble absorbers, comforters, for sensory stimulation, or close visual stimulation for those children with visual impairment.

I made Lizzie’s prototype bibs from a printed pink velour towel, lined with water resistant shower curtain, and backed and edged with contrasting polyester cotton fabric, which is more colourfast and fades less quickly than cotton. Lizzies’ class staff loved them. I found a black/multi-coloured velour beach towel, and using the same pattern, I made another 8 bibs for Lizzie classmates. Velour is particularly good, as there are no long threads to get stuck between teeth when it is chewed!

Bibs image

All the towelling bibs are made from Velour Beach towels, and the bright and variable patterns give plenty of opportunity for different contrasting edgings, meaning they are all very individual. Sized for age 10 upwards and young adults. There are a few smaller velour bibs on offer for younger children.

I also made Lizzie some soft-feel cotton and jersey neckerchiefs with the same function. These were the same size and shape, but without the water-repellent layer, and without the contrast binding, again suitable for age 10 upwards into young adults.

For the Challengers collection I have introduced a few smaller bibs and neckerchiefs which are a different shape, and sit more into the neck. These are aimed more at younger children. Within the range there are some more subtle shades for those who prefer not to wear bright colours.

Scrunchie image

I will be happy to send you more photos of the bib range via e-mail to you if you e-mail me at my address below.

If you want to buy one of these fab bibs or scrunchies, get in touch with Ann to place an order on ann@batyfamily.plus.com. Scrunchies cost £4 (or £10 for 3). You can also show your support for her London Marathon run on Virgin Money Giving.

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