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Fundraiser Tales: 10 years of support from Moira Martin

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In this Fundraiser Tale we hear from Moira Martin, Director of Kelly’s Storage Company about the incredible 10 year relationship between her company and Challengers. Kelly’s Storage Charity Events organise sporting events for our supporters to take part in. They generously cover all costs of the events, meaning that every penny made on the day goes directly to Challengers! Moira tells us all about this special ‘#GreenandOrange’ relationship and why they continue to support us.

When and why did the #GreenandOrange relationship begin?

I was involved in the organisation of a running event for another charity and realised the fundraising potential of such events. The charity concerned had failed to make the most of the opportunity. I figured that by using a more business-like approach I could make more of such events.

I approached Challengers in 2010 because I knew of the great work they were doing. Helping children with disabilities and those who cannot help themselves is something I care deeply about. At the time, Challengers had just two fundraisers and operated from a portacabin.

I suggested that Kelly’s could pay for and organise a running event on their behalf. We would cover all the costs and they would bring their supporters to the event, encouraging them to raise money in sponsorship. They grabbed the opportunity with both hands and ran with it! They raised £30,000 at our first event. It had cost us £6,000 so they got 5 times the amount we ‘donated’ ! We now work on a model that the charity should receive at least 3 times what the event has cost us.

Kelly’s Storage Charity Events was born and a fabulous relationship has been established between the Green & Orange teams ever since. We are currently working on our 17th event together. These events have raised over half a million pounds to date and in addition, our staff, who are now passionate supporters of Challengers, have raised over £10,000 through initiatives of their own.

What about Challengers inspires you?

So many things! The reason we have established such a strong partnership with Challengers is because we know that they will make the most of the fundraising opportunities that our events provide. We believe that businesses should be more charitable but we also believe that charities should be more business-like. Challengers have always been that, unlike several other charities we have worked with who have failed to grasp what we offer.

The work Challengers do is phenomenal. To hear the stories from parents of how their lives, and those of their children, has been transformed by attending Challengers. I know that Challengers provide a lifeline for so many families. Knowing this, we feel totally reassured that the money we work so hard to raise, is being well spent.

Basically, Challengers make all that we do, all that we spend, totally worth it! They work smilingly and determinedly to make a success of our events.

The icing on the cake is that Challengers are always, always, appreciative of what we do and never fail to express their thanks. It works both ways though. We too are appreciative of what Challengers have done for us. They have inspired our staff and through these events we have established a culture of caring and giving within the company. Our rewards have been immense. Finally, to visit the playcentres and see the enthusiastic young playworkers dealing so cheerfully with those they care for is absolutely inspirational!

Most importantly, why should people take part in the Kelly’s Cycle Challenge?

Again, so many reasons!

  • It was the top-rated cycling event on RaceCheck in 2019!
  • It is a wonderful team-building opportunity for corporate teams.
  • It’s a great ride: beautiful scenery and quiet country roads.
  • It is free from single use plastic; our aim is to make all our events as eco-friendly as possible.
  • We always have great family atmosphere at HQ with plenty of activities & healthy refreshments from local suppliers.
  • Most importantly, every single penny donated by all entrants to enter or given in sponsorship goes 100% to Challengers.

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To Moira and everyone at Kelly’s Storage…we can’t thank you enough!

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