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Francesco’s Story

Francesco has been attending our Farnham Youth scheme since 2018.

“Francesco has autism and learning and communication difficulties as well as gross and fine motor difficulties, sensory disorder and low muscle tone. Since attending Challengers he has been more positive among people, and he is more confident. Challengers has benefitted his communication and social skills and he is able to participate in a range of activities which has a positive impact on his life skills.

Also while Francesco is at Challengers my other son and I can have a break, which has a positive impact on our mental health. He and I need a break from his brother’s noises and behavior, so when his brother is at Challengers he can rest and have a quiet space for himself. Without Challengers, Francesco would not have any place to go in the holidays and on Saturdays as he cannot fit into mainstream clubs. Challengers for Francesco is like an extended family, and I really appreciate all their hard-work and dedication.

Challengers gives him the opportunity to go out and have fun! It’s a place where Francesco can go and enjoy doing the activities and be happy and supported by the lovely staff. In particular, he really enjoys the days out and the opportunity to socialise in a caring and safe environment.

Challengers for Francesco is like an extended family.”

Sandra, Francesco’s Mum