Fifa World Cup Sweepstake 2022!

Get your friends or colleagues involved and raise money for Challengers while celebrating the world cup!

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to be the 22nd running of the FIFA World Cup competition. It will be taking place in Qatar from November 20th to December 18th and the tournament will involve 32 teams. A sweepstake is a great opportunity to have some fun whilst also supporting a local charity.

How to get involved:

We would advise that one person manages your sweepstake to avoid any confusion.

  • Participants must make a donation into the pot to enter, which will be split between the winners and Challengers after the final.
  • Allocate everyone participating a total number of teams they can pick out of the sweepstake so that all 32 teams will be allocated. For example, if 16 people in the office are participating, each person would randomly pick 2 teams out of the sweepstake or let each participant choose a team from the sweepstake 1 at a time so that the selection process is fair.
  • Make a list of who has each team (see our template in the resources section below).
  • Whoever has the winning team at the end of the sweepstake wins and the donated money is split between the winner and us!

How your support helps Challengers:

If you were to raise an incredible £80 for Challengers during your Fifa World Cup Sweepstake, this could provide 8 hours of play with one of our playworkers! Our playworkers really are amazing. They work incredibly hard to create a fun, happy and safe environment. It is thanks to their energy, enthusiasm and professionalism that local disabled children and young people have a fantastic fun time at Challengers.

For more information and resources please click the orange button below and look through our World Cup Sweepstake pack!

Once you have completed your sweepstake fundraising you can either pay in your donation via our donation page (with reference to your sweepstake in the ‘Reason for giving’ box) or drop the cash into our Guildford playcentre.

If you have any questions, please contact