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Help make a day of play possible this summer

Day of Play

One generous act of kindness could make a day of play possible this summer.

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Imagine a childhood without play…. Shockingly, for the 51% of disabled children and young people who are deliberately excluded from play and leisure opportunities this is their reality.

Challengers will never turn any child or young person away. Our aim is simple, everyone is included and while they are with us they have as much fun as possible!

£152 will pay for one child to come to Challengers for a day of fun and laughter.

Please donate now and help make a day of play happen.

The words of Alex’s mum really bring home the difference you will be making:

“At Challengers ‘He really feels like the ‘normal teenager’ he so longs to be when he is there. He loves going shopping, to the cinema, the beach, or just hanging out with his friends there listening to music, playing football, table tennis, watching DVDs …. I would drive any distance within reason for this kind of amazing place, they are like a family and it is clear to see all the kids love it there! It is one of the only things left in his life that doesn’t cause him anxiety, it’s his safe place’.

Alex has recently reached break down point and has lost his place; on the school bus, at his school, and his overnight respite, all in quick succession of one another as they are unable to provide for his needs. A suitable school cannot be found at the moment and will probably not happen until September. Challengers are the only service provider that did not give up on my son. In fact they went the extra mile and have been supporting us at this very difficult time without school or respite, by providing transport and activities in the week just for him. They really mean it when they say they ‘never exclude a child’ and they won’t ever exclude Alex.”

While it costs £152 to make one day of play possible for one child, any amount you can afford to give will make help make play possible:

£54.60 pays for a play worker to spend a full day of one on one time with a child

£38.50 could pay for an hour of inclusion training for 15 play staff

£13 could allow a Play Leader to spend an hour planning the next few days of play

By choosing to give to Challengers you will be helping make days of play happen for children and young people like Alex this summer. Please donate today.

Thank you.