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Challengers welcomes new Safeguarding Trustee

We are delighted to welcome Sormeh Nikourazm as our new Safeguarding Trustee!

Sormeh plays a critical role on our Board of Trustees, ensuring that we uphold an excellent standard of safety and wellbeing practices for the young people at Challengers.

She brings 14 years of safeguarding experience and has worked in a range of child protection areas. With a background in Criminology, Sormeh has worked as a Private Investigator, investigating missing and exploited children.

Sormeh shares her vast experience through training and has led a number of international projects alongside the British Council. She is an accredited FGM trainer and Mental Health First Aider. She has also designed her own training programme on race, culture, diversity and inclusion.

Speaking on her appointment, Sormeh says: “I am very honoured to be given the opportunity to work alongside such a caring charity.

“I knew about Challengers through other schemes that I have been involved in and have always been keen to do further work with them! As a Trustee I hope that my experience and professional background will support the quality and assurance of Challengers to be of an exceptional standard.”

Challengers’ Chairman, Graeme Stretton says: “We are delighted to welcome Sormeh to the Board and to Team Orange. Her passion and wealth of experience makes her a brilliant fit for the team, to ensure that we are providing the best service possible for the children, families and staff at Challengers.“

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Thursday 8th April 2021