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Challengers teams up with My Nametags

My Nametag name labels

We have an exciting new partnership with My Nametags, a company that produces high quality name labels suitable for use on clothing, shoes, lunchboxes and almost anything else which could go missing! We really saw the benefit of this partnership in both that the labels would be perfect for the children and young people who use Challengers services, as well as My Nametags offering a donation for every Challengers purchase made.

James Chadwick, Head of Marketing at My Nametags and lead individual on the partnership used to work at Challengers for many years. Here’s what he says:

“I spent four years working at Challengers. It was a fantastic experience to be surrounded by the most amazing young people and with staff who were so passionate in their work. I have such wonderful memories of my time there, and it has proved an invaluable experience in my role at My Nametags.

“I remember all too well the problems we had with lost property; everything from coats and lunch boxes to one young man’s favourite Lego figure. The stress this can cause for both the young people and their parents is huge. Our labels can help increase the chances that lost items make it back to their owners, or that they never get lost in the first place!

“I genuinely feel that name labels could be so helpful to Challengers’ users, which is why we are offering free samples for them to try. In addition, 24% of all orders placed on our website using the unique ID code 56431 – will go back to Challengers, to support their great work.”

We’re so grateful that James has continued his association with Challengers and is supporting us within his Marketing role at My Nametags. If you’re interested in purchasing My Nametags labels for your child then visit their website and don’t forget to input our unique code 56431 in the School ID Field at check out!

For more information about this partnership or for inspiration on how your company could get involved with Challengers, visit our Company Support page, or contact Pippa Barker on PippaBarker@disability-challengers.org or 01483 230 060.

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