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Challengers supports Black Lives Matter

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As a charity we are aware of the events going on both in the UK and globally in response to the murder of George Floyd and the call for an end to widespread institutionalised racism. Inclusion in all its forms is extremely important to us as a charity, and therefore we want speak up to show our support for the Black Lives Matter movement and solidarity with the BAME community.

Since the charity was formed in 1979, Challengers has been strongly committed to the principles of inclusion and equal rights. While our driver is to break down barriers for disabled children and young people, our beliefs extend to inclusion and equality for every person, regardless of their race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

We categorically denounce any form of racism and we advocate the rights of all underrepresented groups. Just as we believe that no one should ever be excluded on the grounds of disability, it is unacceptable that anyone should be treated unfairly or have fewer opportunities in life because of the colour of their skin.

Everyone has a part to play in making a change and we stand alongside those experiencing inequality. We support many disabled BAME children and their families, and we employ a diverse operational workforce, however we recognise that as a service and employer we can and must do more to be a fully representative organisation. This is something that we are even more conscious of now and which we make a commitment to prioritising moving forward.

Tuesday 16th June 2020