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Challengers Star: February 2017

Charlotte Sheppard

Since 1979, Challengers staff have been working hard to make sure children and young people have an awesome time at Challengers! Every month, we shine a light on one of our Challengers stars. This month it’s the turn of Charlotte Sheppard (pictured above), who is one of our Project Officers.

What do you do at Challengers?
I am a Project Manager working in the East with Godstone Play, Epsom Play and Merstham Youth. My job involves working alongside my amazing Leaders, Deputies and Play workers; most of whom have full time jobs as well as working with Challengers. As a Project Manager I am here to support, develop and manage these schemes, so that they are fully prepared to provide exciting, fun and entertaining activities for our children and young people.

What made you want to work at Challengers?
I grew up caring for my younger sister who has Cerebral Palsy – but doesn’t let that get in her way! We have been on some amazing adventures together and her wheelchair has only ever been considered to be an extension of her. I really admire Challengers’ outlook on disability and how well they have been able to include anyone and everyone.

What is your favourite thing about working at Challengers?
The Challengers team have welcomed me into this role and have been so supportive and friendly. But, after spending all week busy in the office, being able to spend Saturdays on scheme is my favourite thing about my job. I love being able to meet the wonderful children that make Challengers an incredible place to work.

What keeps you up at night?
What my next big bake is going to be, I am always baking something to share with friends and family.

How would you describe the Challengers team in three words?
Dedicated, passionate and fun.

Challengers to me is…
The huge smiles I get from children when I am wearing my bright orange Challengers t-shirt.