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Challengers Children and Young Person Engagement Project

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Charlotte Bagchi, our Volunteer and Liaison Officer, talks about an exciting new project we’ve been working on – the Challengers Children and Young Person Engagement Project.

Play and leisure is not just important for children and young people it is essential for their health, happiness and development which is why having good quality play and leisure schemes should be an integral part of their lives. 92% of parents surveyed by Sense in 2016 felt that their disabled child did not have the same opportunities as their non-disabled peers. This is why Challengers is so dedicated to providing the best service possible to disabled children so that they can play, socialise and enjoy leisure pursuits.

Research Volunteer making notes

To help us shape our service and make it better we have embarked on a pioneering and exciting new project funded by the Department of Health to find out what children think of what we do here at Challengers, and what they might like us to change in the future. The project is expected to last for 2 more years initially and we hope have something at the end of it that other organisations could make use of.

To gather the research have created a number of research tools and games to help us do this! This includes a traffic light game that helps us understand the activities they enjoy, an emotional thermometer to understand how children feel when they are at Challengers. We also use an informal interview that can be done whilst the children are playing and a visual and fun questionnaire. Children can engage with one or all of the different tools we have depending on how they like to communicate!

Research Engagement exercise

Our enthusiastic volunteers go out to schemes, with our Engagement Assistant Sreya, to gain feedback from young people, whilst also spending time at the scheme. They have lots of fun while they are there and get to meet some fabulous young people.

Want to become a Research Volunteer? Email CharlotteBagchi@disability-challengers.org or call 01483 230 938 for more information.