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Challengers Chat: September 2017

Challengers Chat - September 2017

For this month’s Challengers Chat blog, Hannah Woollven from the Communications & Events Team describes what it’s like to visit schemes over the Summer Holidays!

Hey, my name is Hannah and I work in the Comms and Events Team at Challengers.

August is my favourite time of year because I am lucky enough to go out and visit loads of Challengers schemes over the summer holidays and get to meet the awesome people that use our service. Not only that, but I also get to take their picture to document all of the amazing fun they are having, and capture memories of the favourite aspect of my job!

Let me take you back to the beginning of my Challengers journey – I had never heard of the charity before and actually came across the job on a recruitment website. A month in I was taken out to see the schemes in action over the Easter Holidays, and instantly fell in love with the organisation!

I have had three of the best summers of my life going out to visit schemes. I’ve met the most amazing young people and have seen first-hand the impact that regular play has on disabled children and young people. Not only that, but it’s taught me how important play is for everyone, even in adulthood!

One of my favourite memories has to be going to a playscheme and as soon as I stepped foot in the door, I was absolutely covered in foam, paint, gunge & glitter. After wiping the foam from my face and off my glasses, I went to re-coup on the bouncy castle that was in one of the rooms and I felt a little hand grab hold of my arm. A boy with the curliest black hair came over and gave me a big hug and we just sat for a few minutes together, whilst he built up the energy to bounce on the bouncy castle. Seeing the pure joy on that boy’s face made me realise how vital fun and play is for everybody.

Wednesday 2nd August was National Play Day and it got me thinking about how important play is, as well as how I am so lucky to be surrounded by it every day. I have seen first-hand the importance and the impact that regular play has on disabled children. The thing that strikes me about play is that it’s different for different age groups, but equally as important, no matter how old you are. Whether it’s playing outside, playing a game with your friends or simply socialising with people your own age – it’s vital, important, and is a huge part of everyone’s everyday lives.

Have a think about the types of play that you enjoy and imagine if you weren’t able to do the things you love anymore. That’s why places like Challengers are so important, making that feeling and fun possible for everyone. Play is something to be celebrated, and enjoyed, so go now and PLAY!

To see some of the photos that Hannah has taken throughout August, check out our Summer Holiday gallery!