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Challengers Chat: The re-opening of our Farnham centres

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January 2019 saw the official re-opening of the Play & Youth buildings in Farnham. In this Challengers Chat blog, Sophie Colwell, our Head of Communications and Events, describes what’s changed and gets some insights from the teams that run the centres.

Since opening in 2008 the Farnham centres have seen hundreds of children and young people come through the doors to enjoy thousands of hours of play!

With schemes running 7 days a week all through the year, it’s not a surprise that both centres needed some love. The works on the refurbishments started in the summer of 2018 and were completed before Christmas, which was an amazing turnaround.

We are proud to say the schemes did not stop running during this period as we wanted the works to have as little impact as possible for families.

We caught up with the teams who run the centres to find out the impact these works have had on the schemes that run from there…

The Playcentre

Farnham Playcentre image

New features include:

  • The playfloor has been opened up with easier and more welcoming access to the art and quiet areas.
  • There are new smaller toilets for pre-school to encourage independence.
  • New changing beds & ceiling hoists.

Farnham Playcentre image

Jane Sutherland, Pre-School Manager: “The way the playfloor has opened up to the art room and quiet areas is amazing, it has made a real difference to the way the Pre-School can run.”

Ash Morgan, Play Centre Manager: “The outside space is just great, there is so much more room for the kids to run around and play and have fun on the bikes!”

The Youthcentre

Farnham Youthcentre image

New features include:

  • A freshly painted games hall.
  • Updates to the toilets and changing facilities.
  • A fantastic new kitchen area that’s is the social heart of the building.

Farnham Playcentre image

2019 and beyond will continue to be a busy for the Farnham Centres. A Playscheme and a Pre-School run out of the Playcentre and a Youthscheme and a Young Adult Scheme run out of the Youthcentre.

Across both the centres a staggering 8,263 days of play are budgeted to take place!

We could not have completed this much-needed project without the support of our amazing orange community – a huge thank you to everyone that supported it.

Paul Wilson, Service Manager: “I am thrilled with the changes to the building, it has been wonderful to see the kids and young people come in and enjoy the new updated spaces. I am so proud of the teams who supported the families during the build and now they get to enjoy these new spaces for years to come.”

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