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Challengers Chat: May 2017

Welcome to the sixth instalment of the Challengers Chat. This month, our Recruitment And Liaison Assistant, Ben Still, talks about the essential qualities of being a Play or Youth Worker at Challengers.

Hello, my name is Ben! Most of my time at Challengers is occupied by the role of Recruitment and Engagement Assistant at our HQ on Stoke Park. However, as many here know, you can’t keep me away from operations, so I am also the proud Leader of Guildford Young Adults at Tuesday Youth Nights!

My Challengers journey started as a volunteer at our incredible Swim Club at Surrey Sports Park. Almost 7 years later and I have had the opportunity to work at most Challengers Play, Youth and Young Adult Schemes spending the majority of my Saturdays and Holidays bowling, swimming in the sea, getting covered in gunge or just chilling out with BBQ and games!

We are fast approaching our summer recruitment period where we hope to recruit lots of new staff to work with us over the summer and beyond. I therefore thought I’d take this opportunity to give you an invaluable insight into what we look for in a great Play/Youth Worker; here’s my top 5!

Energy: Energy is the foundation of every Play/Youth Worker. Whether we’re going to Thorpe Park, doing arts and crafts in the centre, covering each other in shaving foam on Messy Science Day or scaling the climbing walls of Calshot Activity Centre; energy is essential! Immersing yourself into the experience means that the children and young people that we support will have the best day possible!

Respect: We see ourselves at Challengers as one big orange family! As cheesy as it seems we really are lucky enough to work with the most incredible colleagues. The respect that every Play/Youth Worker shows one another is exemplary and something we are very proud of.

Confidence: Go for it! Be bold! The best Play/Youth Workers are those that aren’t afraid to take on new Challenges and jump in the deep end. Challengers is a place where you can completely relax, be yourself and never again will you be embarrassed to catch the train home covered in baked bean slime and whipping cream after a famous Challengers gunging!

Passionate: At Challengers we all share a common goal and that is to provide an accessible, inclusive and exciting environment where disabled children and young people can relax, form friendships and have more fun than anywhere else. This passion runs through all of our staff and is what makes the staff teams collaborate so effectively.

Initiative: This quality defines the best from the rest! The most successful Play/Youth Workers are those that combine the four aforementioned skills with a sprinkling of initiative, whether it’s adapting games to suit everyone involved or making proactive decisions to help the rest of the team out in times of need. Initiative is the skill that ties a team together and helps Challengers schemes run as well as they do!