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Challengers Chat: #BakeForPlay Special

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This month’s Challengers Chat blog is a #BakeForPlay special! Louise Moffat, one of our Community Fundraising Officers, explains why baking is so important and fun at Challengers, both at our schemes and at our HQ.

At Challengers we’re all about fun and one of our favourite activities to do on scheme and in the office is baking. Well, more the consuming of baked goods when it comes to the office but we have fun doing it! With our exciting #BakeForPlay campaign happening over the summer, where we need you to get baking and host some cake sales in aid of Challengers, we thought we would find out why baking is so important to us!

We love cake here in the office and not a week goes by when there isn’t one perched on the cabinet in the middle of the office tempting all of us! Whether it’s a birthday, or just that it’s a Friday, we always find a reason for cake.

Our schemes are always quick to get the baking equipment out too!

Baking at Guildford Young Adults

As our Guildford Centre Manager Kat says: “Baking at Challengers is not often edible but it is fun! There is a lot of mess so it is not for the faint-hearted. There are fabulous colourful creations…the kids love it!”

I think you’ll find that often more of the ingredients end up on the floor than in the bowl but that doesn’t matter because baking is about fun as well as cake! Our Pre-schoolers know what’s up, this is what they said when we asked them what they think about baking: “Yummy, friends, fun activity, yum,” and their favourite thing about baking? “Making cakes, eating cake, fun and friends.”

Birthday cake on scheme

This is from our Guildford Pre-School Leader Ellie: “Baking is important because everyone likes to get involved, they make lots of rice crispy cakes that the kids can take home and everyone has lots of fun!”

I don’t know about you but I think that first bit definitely applies to us in the office too.

The prime time for baking in the office is when we hold our annual Challengers Bake Off, which believe me can get incredibly competitive! When its Bake Off season everyone has a go. Laura, our Trust Fundraising Manager, hits the nail on the head: “Baking is important because it is something that everyone can do. Young or old, experienced or novice, anyone can take part. It’s also a really good opportunity to experiment in the kitchen and be creative!”

Past examples of HQ Bake Off entries

Tensions might run high when there’s a competition on the line but everyone always gets involved and has a go at the baking, and of course the eating! Here’s what some other HQ members of staff have to say about our Bake Off:

“I was lucky enough that the annual office bake-off competition was in full swing when I first started working at Challengers- there’s nothing like being welcomed into a new job with loads and loads of cake!” – Jennie, Trust Fundraising Officer.

“The first bake off was my favourite, everyone enjoyed my cake and said how nice it was. It made me feel good to have made something for everyone that they enjoyed.” – Charlotte, our Volunteer and Engagement Officer.

As you can see we love baking here at Challengers for lots of different reasons: it’s an excuse to get messy, it brings people together, it’s satisfying, it’s rewarding, it’s tasty, it’s creative and it’s fun!

What are you going to bake this summer?

Visit our #BakeForPlay campaign page for more details on the campaign!