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Challengers Chat: The first Accumulator Challenge

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Towards the end of 2018, the Business Club were invited to take part in a new fundraising project called the Accumulator Challenge. For this Challengers Chat blog our Corporate Fundraising Officer, Pippa Barker, talks about the origins of the challenge and how some of our members got on!

Launched at the beginning of October, the Accumulator Challenge went from strength to strength over the 9 week period that Challengers ran it for. This was our first time organising the challenge, and to be honest at first we were as confused as you are “wait, what? A charity giving a company money? How does this work?” But it really did work. In total, the companies who took part raised nearly £9,000 for Challengers.

For the past few years, we’ve set our Business Club members a ‘Project’ where we ask them to collectively fundraise for Challengers on top of their membership fee. This year the target was £17,000, a target I am very proud to say that the members have totally exceeded (sorry everybody, that means we’re upping it again next year!). As part of the Project, we decided to run the Accumulator Challenge to give them some extra incentive and to try and test their business skills.

Tuck Shop image

Ash Contracting Ltd’s tuck shop

If you don’t already know, the Accumulator Challenge goes like this; we give each business a £50 note and they have the task to turn it into as much money for Challengers as they possibly can. We were really lucky to have the initial investment kindly donated to us by one of our Parent Ambassadors, Jane Powis from Help Autistic Children. After going out to our supporters, we had 22 businesses sign up to the challenge with each eagerly taking a £50 note from us to do as they like with!

After about a week from the launch, we started receiving some feedback about what our supporters were getting up to, and we really did have some interesting responses! From keeping it professional by running Positive Attitude and Leadership workshops, to having clear and simple fundraising tactics like an office tuck shop and cake sales, to the totally bizarre like pumpkin carving competitions, a balloon making day and selling homemade beer, we heard it all!

Pumpkin carving image

Go Ape’s pumpking carving competition

We were so happy how each businesses got so on board with the fundraising challenge and tried their hardest to raise the most amount of money. We were able to hand out a few prizes at our latest Business Club event, where we saw Ramsac get crowned for the ‘Most Amount Raised’ and Switchfoot Wealth for ‘Most Innovative Idea’. See the leader board below to see what they got up to and how much they raised.

Most amount raised

Amount raised
Ramsac Car wash, tuck shop, raffle, cinema night, poker night, and a weekly hot lunch £1,414.66
RBS Halloween tombola, halloween dress up comp, Dress down days, samosa sale and match funding £1,000
BEST Business Group Raffling off the £50 note £755

Balloon workshop image

Bessler Hendrie’s balloon making day

Most innovative idea

Amount raised
Switchfoot Wealth Selling home brewed beer £200
Bessler Hendrie Baked potato day, Hungarian soup day, and a balloon making day £545

Commercial Director at Ramsac, Dan May said “It’s been a success in two ways, firstly, it’s raised a great sum of cash for one of our favourite charity’s, and secondly, it’s shown amazing team work, generosity and has really brought people together. A real highlight for me, has been seeing teams eat lunch together courtesy of our Operations and Finance departments – what a wonderful 2 months it has been!”

Seb Elwell, Director at Switchfoot Wealth said “The accumulator challenge was great fun, with only myself and Rebecca in the office it forced us to think about ways to bring our clients into the challenge. We have had really positive feedback from our clients who both enjoyed our shameless promotion and learning about the work of Challengers in their local community.”

To everyone who took part, we want to thank you so much for getting involved with this new challenge and frankly, for being such good sports! We hope to run the Accumulator Challenge again towards the end of next year so we encourage everyone to get their thinking caps on early!

For any businesses that might be interested in taking part in the Accumulator Challenge, please email PippaBarker@disability-challengers.org.