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Challengers Business Club kicks off 2019

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Thursday 7th February saw the Challengers Business Club coming together for the first time this year at an event focusing on branding and how to approach your business messaging in 2019. Over 40 local businesses came to the Challengers Guildford Playcentre to hear from brand specialists, Daren Cook (Daren Cook Design) and Sally Pritchett (Something Big).

Challengers is a charity which removes the barriers to play for disabled children and young people in Surrey, Hampshire and the surrounding areas. Their Business Club brings together over 40 local businesses and hosts four networking events a year with first-rate industry speakers to share their business expertise and industry stories.

Business Club Chairman, Derek Arden, welcomed the room and introduced Challengers CEO, Laura Sercombe, who gave everyone an update on Challengers vision for 2019. Laura also introduced Challengers’ brand new film for 2019, featuring Deborah & Tom Smith.

Next up was a joint presentation from Daren & Sally who spoke of their experiences in the branding world and tips & trends to remember when thinking of how best to represent your company’s brand.

They went on to say that all brands should be desirable, ethical, honest, build relationships and so much more. “Brands should build relationships – of course. People love or hate Apple, but Apple is a fantastic example of a brand that creates a relationship with its end user. Another one I think is fabulous is Marmite, building a whole brand around ‘you either love it or you hate it’ means that you have a relationship with it one way or the other, a brand built purely on how consumers relate about it – an amazingly powerful brand story.”

Sally spoke of what to expect in 2019, and told her favourite piece of branding advice: “If you can pretend that you are growing, when you are actually shrinking and do the same the other way around, pretend you are shrinking when you are growing, then that is the best behaviour to manage. That means that when you are nervous or your business is being disrupted by its market place, at that point the thing to do is go the other way and embrace the opportunity.”

The room then opened to questions as members got the opportunity to ask for advice from Daren & Sally, before Derek thanked everyone for coming and closed the event for more networking. Susie Jewell, Challengers Corporate Fundraising Manager, said: “Thank you to everyone who came this evening, it was brilliant to kick start our year with the Business Club and getting our members together. Sally & Daren’s presentation was fantastic and has definitely given everyone food for thought, we can’t thank them enough for their continued support to Challengers.”

For more information and branding advise, please visit Daren and Sally’s websites below:

For more information about the Challengers Business Club, please see our Business Club page or get in touch with Susie Jewell at Challengers: susiejewell@disability-challengers.org / 01483 230060.