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Challengers awarded grant from the Co-Op Foundation

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We are very pleased to announce that our four Challengers Young Adult schemes have recently been awarded funding from the Co-Op Foundation.

In response to the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness, the Co-Op Foundation is aiming to tackle youth loneliness across the UK through funding projects which empower young people to overcome isolation and build connections with others.

A shocking 85% of disabled young adults feel lonely (Scope, 2017), and at Challengers we will be using our grant from the Co-Op Foundation to help to break down the barriers in society which isolate disabled young adults from others their own age. This is going to involve extending our engagement project to include young adults, in which we will be sending engagement volunteers out onto scheme and learning exactly how disabled young adults want to spend their free time.

As a result, we will be developing and improving the activities on offer, ensuring that young adults get to spend as much time as possible in the places that they enjoy the most, and are having as much fun as possible! This might include tucking into delicious pizzas at a local pub, singing the night away at a karaoke bar, or even chilling out at a yoga lesson!

With the help of the Co-Op Foundation, disabled young adults at Challengers will have loads of opportunities in 2019 to make new friends and have an amazing time together.

For more information about our Young Adult Schemes, go to the Young Adult Scheme section of the website.

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