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C7 Architects’ all-singing sensory garden for Challengers

Pippa Barker, our Corporate Fundraising Officer, has written a mini-blog about something wonderful that C7 Architects recently did for us at the Challengers Guildford Playcentre!

C7 Architects, a Surrey based firm working in residential, commercial and retail architecture, have recently completed a unique project at Challengers Playcentre in Guildford.

C7 Architects have transformed an area of land at Challengers Guildford Playcentre that was rather bare and unengaging into a sensory music garden which is already well-used by the children! The music garden is now a bright and interactive space where children can engage with various sensory items, musical instruments and have the opportunity to access a new and fun way to play.

We are so grateful to C7 Architects for giving Challengers the opportunity to benefit from their wonderful and creative work and we want to say a MASSIVE thank you to the whole team that helped implement and organise the project. We also want to say a special thank you to Leanne from C7 who managed the entirety of the design and build of our new music garden.

Alongside C7 Architects we want to say a big thank you to local individuals and companies who came together for Challengers by donating various items as well as their time in order to make this project happen.

Local businesses that we want to thank are:

  • Watco, for donating all the materials for our brand new concrete flooring along with anti-slip paint.
  • Travis Perkins and TimberStore for giving us a generous discount on the timber used for the structure.
  • Metro Fixings for offering us a reduced price on the post base plates.
  • Wickes who donated various materials in order that we could complete the structure.
  • Chamberlain Music and Secretts Garden Centre who donated musical items and plants.
  • Not to forget a big thank you to Paradigm Planning who submitted and paid for the planning application.

Another huge thank you to individuals who donated their time to complete the project:

  • Rob Hall and David Finn from Bob the Builder.
  • Tim Peerless from Peerless Landscapes.
  • Alan Mills of C&A Electrics.
  • Paul Ward of Direct Development.
  • Graham Edwards and Joel Gidley.

To find out how your business can support Challengers, visit our Company Support page.