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First Visits are for children and young people who have never been to Challengers before, or who are approaching their 13th or 19th birthdays and are transitioning to either our Youth or Young Adult Schemes.

The First Visit is free and should last about an hour. It will allow you and your child the chance to see the centre, meet some of the staff, and get a feel for the scheme.

This is also an opportunity for you to tell us about any specific needs your child has such as dietary requirements; whether they need help using the toilet, allergies as well as likes and dislikes.

Please bring any care or behaviour plans that might be used to support your child at school or elsewhere to your First Visit – this will help us make their time with us as safe and fun as possible.

Once you have been to one First Visit at a scheme you will be able to book sessions at any schemes for the corresponding age group.